In 2022 WWDC apple announced an update to its most popular 13 inch MacBook Pro. This time with new updated apple M2 silicon. The 2022 apple M2 MacBook Pro also comes with excellent performance and battery life, with older apple MacBook design.



brought this MacBook from official Apple India store, with 24 GB unified memory and 512 GB ssd variant. Which costed me around 1,89,990 Indian rupees. This is little costlier side. But with the new M2 chip with 24 gigs of unified memory I was exited to try the performance.



  • Excellent Performance
  • Multi-tasking is fluid
  • Battery life is at par expectation
  • Very silent to use
  • Can play games (Of course)


  • Same old MacBook Pro 13 inch design
  • Total 2 thunderbolt ports
  • A 720p camera


I am using this laptop since last one month. With about one months usage I will say this is the best performance laptop I have ever use. Before to this I was using a 2017 model MacBook Pro 13 inch with intel 17 processor. I was happy with the performance of my previous MacBook, but since that laptop was almost more than 4 years old, I decided to switch to M2 MacBook Pro. But believe me that was the greatest decision which I ever took. Coming to M2 from an intel version felt like a huge jump. The performance is 10 times better to what I was using in intel version.


And coming to the battery like I was totally surprised with the battery performance. Like I have a ASUS and a HP laptop also. But Comparing this M2 with all those previous 3 laptops (including the intel Mac) this was something else. The new M2 is giving me around more than 10 hours of usage. Yes more than 10 hours. Apple claims to have about 20 hours of battery life with average usage. But with my kind of usage I’m more than happy with the battery life. My M2 will be always connected to internet , with more than 4-5 hours video calls, multiple apps (including Android Studio)running in the background, chrome with at least 10-12 tabs always will be opened in my case. So I feel I am more than an average user. So with this kind of usage getting a 10-11 hours battery life is like anything.


The new M2 has around 100 GB/s of memory bandwidth. A 50% faster than the previous M1 chip. When you combine that with the 24 Gigs gf unified memory, the multi-tasking will be super fluid. When you have multiple heavy apps like Android studio, Eclipse, Chrome with 10-12 chrome tabs, and other apps, and you go from one app to another it opens immediately with no stutter or lag at all.


The 13.3 inch Retina display gets more clearer and brighter. With 500 nits of peak brightness you’ll never face any trouble even working on this laptop on outside conditions. If you are a video editor or graphic designer, this will never disappoint you.

Touch ID

With the inbuilt Touch ID in your keyboard you can unlock your device with just touching it or you can lock your device with pressing it.

New MacBook under the old design

Apple always plays safe when it comes to the top popular products like MacBook or iPhone. With M2 also apple still decided to go with the same old MacBook design with no other changes. But the build quality is really good and it feels sturdy to use.

Only 2 thunderbolt ports

If you are purchasing this laptop, make sure to buy a USB hub for the M2. Because M2 is still having only 2 thunderbolt port. And while you are using, if you connect your charger, you will remaining with 1 port to carry out your needs. With my kind of usage where I use an external keyboard, mouse, lan cable, connects my iPhone to the Mac using cable, it is hard to not to use any usb hub. But if you are spending a 1.8 lakh rupees on a laptop you will except at least 3 ports for convenience. Other than the Thunderbolt port it has a 3.5 mm audio jack in the right side where you can use your headset or mics. And the Audio quality from the 3.5mm jack is also good.

720p Webcam

With 720p web camera you can carry out most of the video calls and tasks easily without any worry. And the quality of the webcam is very good, But I was expecting a 1080p camera would have been a better option for 2022 as now a days most of things are happening online and you’ll need to be on call for most of your time if you are a full time IT professional doing work from home.


Overall the laptop is a great deal if you are looking for an option which can provide good performance with best battery life. And if you are a traveller then this is also a great as its build quality is very slim and sturdy. Easy to use with great software experience. The only downside will be the limited number of ports and 720p camera. Apart from that this laptop must buy in its category.

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