This month on 5th May 2023, Apple conducted its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) at Apple park California. This year apple announced big technology updates through its conference. Now lets see all the updates which apple announced this year in a brief.

The 15 inch Mac Book air


The mac book air 13 inch is already apple’s best selling budget laptop. But with the new MacBook air user can get a 15.3 inch liquid retina display with the pairing of apples own silicon processor M2. With new silent fan less design it can give you up to 18 hours of battery life. The M2 air will be the thinnest 15 inch laptop with only 11.3 inches thin. With an all-new six-speaker sound system, the 15-inch MacBook Air delivers immersive Spatial Audio, along with a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, MagSafe charging, and the power and ease of macOS Ventura for an enhanced experience. The MacBook air with 13 inch with M2 will be staring at a price at $1099.

The Mac Studio


The new Mac Studio now to come with new M2 max and M2 ultra chips. The new mac studios are displed with totally mind bending specifications. For the new studios now the video bandwidth has been increased which means you can connect your 8k resolution display with higher refresh rate.
M2 Max – 12 core CPU and upto 38 core GPU, and it can have upto 96 GB of unified memory with 400 GB/s memory bandwidth.
M2 Ultra – 24 core CPU and upto 76 core GPU, and it can have upto 192 GB of unified memory with 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth.
The new Mac Studio starts at $1,999 and will be available on June 13.

Mac pro


Apple suprised the world with the new Mac pro with the new apple silicon version Mac pro workstation. It is the last apple product which gets updated from intel chip to new apple silicon. The new Mac pro is really a beast seeing the specifications.
The new Mac workstation will come with apple’s new M2 ultra chip which will be having 24 core CPU and upto 76 core GPU with upto 192 GB unified memory. The M2 ultra chip is a significant upgrade over the previous M1 chip.
The starting price tag for the Apple Mac Pro is $6,999

The Vision Pro AR Headset


After a long wait apple finally introduced its new VR headset called vision pro which has a fully 3d interface and can be controlled using eyes, hands and gesture.
The VR headset uses a new feature called “EyeSight,” which uses a front-facing display to reveal your eyes to other people in the room (compensating for the opaque visor. While the product is, indeed, mixed reality (owing to the need for on-board passthrough), so that the person standing in front of VR can see the other persons (the person who’s using VR) eyes directly through the display.
Interestingly, it does appear to be a work-first device focused on things like email rather than gaming. In fact, users can actually bring a version of their Mac desktop over, projected out in front of them. The headset uses new VisionOS.

Apple watch OS-10


Apple showed some improvements which will be coming along with the apple watch os-10.

  • They include an updated user interface with a renewed focus on widgets, plus refreshed first-party apps and other new features.
  • We know user interface is very important as to keep the user engaged in the product. The user interface for Apple Watch hasn’t seen a sizable update in many years, and a number of top third-party apps have pulled out of the Apple Watch App Store in recent years.
  • To access the new watchOS 10 widgets, you can simply turn the Digital Crown. Previously, pressing the Digital Crown on the side of the Apple Watch would take you to the home screen.

Mac Os 14 Sonoma


Apple announced its latest desktop OS MacOS 14 which is named after a town in California which is Sonoma.
Now the MacOS will be having imporved widget experience, Means you can dynamically adjust your widget and the good thing is where ever your widget is present, when you are opening any other app it will be getting faded so that you can focus on the tab you are working in.

  • The new desktop browser is also getting improved wallpapers, including a shot of Sonoma. Safari’s getting a bunch of new features, including locking for private browsing and web apps that can be added to the system’s dock.
  • Also another talked feature is new game mode, designed to limit distractions, while playing the growing selection of Apple Silicon titles.

New IOS 17 for the iphone


So how can we forget the iphone. This time apple announced the IOS 17 with few updates and improvements.

  • The apple AirDrop feature is getting updated with is new feature addition called NameDrop which lets you easily and seamlessly share your phone number, and even photos, with another person. Here’s how it works: When you bring your phones close together, you can choose to share your phone number and email address. You can use NameDrop with an iPhone and an Apple Watch too.
  • With the new IOS 17 apple introduced a new journaling app simply called Journal. Using on-device machine learning, the iPhone creates personalised suggestions around your photos, activities, location, music, workouts, etc.
  • Standby- a new feature coming with IOS 17 which is a new full-screen experience for your nightstand. When you put your phone down at night, you can see the time on your phone or an alarm or you can personalize what’s on the display. You can also customized it to show photos from gallery.
  • Autocorrect got more accurate with AI, now powered by an AI model that can more accurately predict the next words and phrases you might use. Over time, it’ll personalize, learning your most frequently used words — including swear words.
  • From ios 17 update you will be now able to invoke siri by simply calling “siri” instead of “Hey Siri”.

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