OnePlus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones

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Earphones are always been an important accessory for a smartphone. Let it be the old school with 3.5mm jack or be it a TWS or neckband. Now a days as most smartphones are removing 3.5mm jack from the devices so using a traditional 3.5mm jack earphones is not possible. So consumers are now moving towards to Bluetooth earphones, which are more convenient option than 3.5mm jack phones.
Few weeks back I brought the most popular OnePlus bullets Z2 Bluetooth earphone from Amazon. I am using this earphones for last 2 weeks now. So, I thought to provide a detailed review and my opinion on the OnePlus bullet z2.


OnePlus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones -Unboxing

The bullet Z2 earphones comes with a stylish packaging from OnePlus with OnePlus’s signature red colour on the box. Inside the box the first thing I found is the earphones itself, and when you takeaway the earphones you will find some paperwork and the extra ear tips for the Earphones. Inside the box a small USB A to USB C cable is added to charge the earphones.


OnePlus Bullet Z2 earphones

  • 12.4mm dynamic drivers
  • 30 hrs of battery life
  • AI noise cancelation
  • IP55 water and sweat resistance
  • 10 mins of charging provides 20 hours of playback time
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Review

    Now moving to the earphone experience part. I am using the Z2 for past 2 weeks now. So in a one line word if I’m going to explain my 2 weeks usage experience then that word will be ‘awesome’. With the price range in which it comes there are a lot of competition in the market. But still OnePlue is 4 out of 5 in terms of quality and affordability. The build quality is very good, it is made of some rubbery type of material but the product does not feel or look like cheap. Sturdy design and usage of good quality wire in the earphones are plus points. The weight of the earphone is around 26 grams, which is very light so if you are using it for a loner time you won’t feel any stress on the neck or in the ears.
    Moving to sound quality part, here I felt the sound quality could have been better. The base of the Z2 is very good and punchy, but I felt the mids and the lows are average. If you are a bass lover then you’ll definitely like this earphones.
    Moving to battery life the earphones for having a excellent battery life com with my daily usage. I was getting easily around 2-3 days of battery with normal usage. My usage includes 4-5 hours of zoom call and 30-45 minutes of music playback everyday during gym.


    With a price tag of 1999 Indian rupees it is overall a good deal. In the same price segment you can find any other brands like boat, real me, and other brands. But if you consider all the things like performance, quality, design wise it will be my 1st choice over others.

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